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I saw this cute exotic looking Chinese girl in my hotel lobby sitting all alone so I decided to try and talk to her. She was really friendly all smiles and super cute with nice looking legs. She said her name was Fang ( naughty girl, I found out she is pornstar Katana, more about this later! ), a 20 year old from Shanghai in China. On holiday with her old parents and bored senseless, itching for some nice guy to take her out on a date. Sorry Mum and Dad but you guys really fucked up – leaving your cute Chinese daughter un-chaperoned and all alone?! What were you thinking? While you were sleeping she was hooking up for casual sex with a total stranger who will post the video on Dateslam!! Heh heh 😉 Read less So we made a date for later to go to a nice restaurant I had been to before. Fang arrived looking great in a yellow dress. Seems this naughty girl lied to her parents about where she was going. She loved the restaurant, taking lots of pictures with her phone. We had a great time eating drinking and of course flirting like crazy. It was easy to convince her to come back to my room with me to take some pictures. Fang loved modelling and lapped up all my compliments. She was so relaxed that dress was hiked right up giving me a great view of her ass. I soon had her doing some naughty posing for me. She said these naughtier pictures were our little secret! After I licked her smooth bald pussy she was so fucking horny we fucked like that with her still dressed panties pulled aside. What a pleasure to fuck bald Chinese pussy on the first date! I gave her a cream pie but came too soon for her she was having so much fun – this horny girl wanted MORE!! Then she sent me a link to her Instagram page – Holy Fuck guys she is a pornstar Katana / katanapornx! On her page it said “I work out, fuck, eat & travel”. Well we will definitely be hooking up for casual sex again