Where’s The Beef? – Nina Elle

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Nina Elle is banging! She walks in to the sandwich shop in a skin tight dress that could light a room on fire. And our stud is not immune to her curvaceous charm. Every step she takes makes his pants get tighter and tighter. She swaggers right up to him and leans those huge tits over the counter to make an order, and you can tell this guy is ready to explode. She tells him she wants his biggest, meatiest sandwich he has. He scrambles to get the order ready, but soon realizes it is a very specific kind of meat this cougar is looking for. She bounces with excitement, letting her tits flip and flop around in front of his face. But when the sandwich is done, she reveals she does not want it at all. She wants his thick salami between her big white buns. She reaches over and starts caressing his cock before getting down behind the counter and servicing his cold cut while a customer orders a sandwich. He tries to keep a straight face while she takes his cock deep inside her throat. Then they head to the backroom to put some toppings on the sexy concoction they have been cooking up. Now thats a spicy meat-a-ball!