Hooking Up For Travel Sex With Adrenaline Junkie – Julia

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Julia was a Russian girl quite active on twitter, she sent me a lot of cute selfies. Maybe a bit shy because none of the selfie pictures were topless. We were both on holiday in Bali, so we agreed to meet in a restaurant for our first date. Of course I was interested in hooking up for travel sex, so we see how the date goes. Wow I was so excited when we met, what a knockout girl – dark hair sparkling eyes and dressed skimpy showing off her hot little body. Julia was looking for some excitement on her Bali holiday, an adrenaline junkie as she put it. Then she asked what will we do after dinner?!! So we drank some white wine held hands and flirted happily together. When we were finished eating, she said we have a lot of energy now, what shall we do?!! Damn my kind of girl so flirty, I think we were in love, or maybe just lust! That glass of wine really did the job, she was so naughty telling me some nights she wore no panties. WTF now I was so horny I used my usual Date Slam line – let’s go back to my place and take some photographs. My God she had skimpy little denim shorts on, she was flashing her tits and I was even feeling her stiff nipples in the hotel lift. She was definitely hot and interested in hooking up for travel sex. Oh boy this girl knew she was driving me crazy with her pouting and sexy posing. Soon I had my hands wandering all over that sexy body and she started rubbing my crotch. Those thick cock-sucking lips wrapped around me and I was in blowjob heaven. She fucking loved to suck dick on her holiday. What a fun girl for a naughty first date. Our fucking was so intense, Julia was such a sexual animal. She loved to fuck too, loved it doggie style, and the view was so damn good. Boy what a beautiful ass, thong pulled aside and my dick pounding into her. With a body as hot as Julia’s the POV action was just amazing. Had a big cumshot all over her pretty face, seems she loved facials too. Then I had to stop her from licking it all up so I could get a few pictures first! I told her next time no panties, so I could finger her in the lift (maybe even in the restaurant), just to get her all warmed up. She sure loved that idea, should keep her all hot and wet for our next fuck date