Vengeful Heart 2 – Sybil A

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Hot and sexy Sybil A – a tall, curvy brunette – stars in this fantasy by leading erotic movie auteur Charles Lakante. We find her in a cabin by a lake, dressed in a light-colored teddy, tie-front check shirt and high wedge-heeled sandals. Her hair is loose and her makeup is natural. Agitated, she lights a cigarette, inhaling deeply to calm herself as it rests between her full, pouting lips. Her beautiful, hazel-green eyes betray the hurt she is feeling – the reasons for it remain a mystery but brief glances into her thoughts, soundtracked by discordant music, suggest betrayal and a need for vengeance. We get flashes of an angry phone call, a knife being thrown, a wooden chair on fire… The main action sees her walking to the chair, as yet unburnt, carrying the knife, which she then drops on the ground next to it. She opens the front of her shirt – her teddy is high-cut over her hips, and low-cut on top. She caresses her large breasts through the fabric, then frees them, displaying perfect globes and puffy, caramel-pink nipples. After sawing the crotch against her slit, she unfastens it, exposing her shaved pussy. She removes the teddy and rests one knee on the chair, with her other leg stretched out, and strokes the smooth, rounded cheeks of her butt, splaying them to give teasing glances at her tight asshole. Then she reaches between her thighs to frig her pussy. Next, she squats in front of the chair, knees splayed, and grinds her hips as her fingers circle over her clit and slit. As her arousal increases, her moans become louder and more frequent. Head thrown back and pretty mouth open, she sits on the chair, one leg raised, and brings herself to orgasm, whimpering then crying out as she cums. Pausing to retrieve her clothes, she sparks her lighter then drops it in the dirt, igniting a fiery trail to the chair. As the chair burns to ash, she walks away and the picture fades to black…