I love watermelons – Lovita Fate

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Lovita Fate has decided to give in to her Wanderlust and take a trek to Asia to learn about spirituality and meditation, but first she makes an overnight stop at the Fake Hostel. The Landlord answers in a state of disarray, wearing tighty-whiteys and eating a watermelon. Lovita tells him she loves watermelon, and is positively beaming with positive energy. Showing her to her room, Steve leaves Lovita so he can watch her on his camera network. The petite blonde strips naked, and Steve’s jaw drops at the tight of her natural tits and pink pussy. Rushing back to the room, Steve finds Lovita meditating, so he sticks his cock in the watermelon to entice her into a blowjob. His gambit works, and soon Steve is getting his cock sucked, then eating her pussy and ass. After some raucous sex all over the room, Lovita uses a vibrator to make herself cum as she gives Steve an orgasm!