Famished little traveler gets double helping – Anna Rey

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Two sexy studs, Max and Nick, are eating pizza in the kitchen of the Fake Hostel when in walks petite blonde spinner Anna Rey. Famished from her travels, the blonde blazes past the two men and helps herself to the biggest slice of the pie. Max takes the slice from Anna, and lets her know if she wants to eat from their plate, she’ll have to let them eat her pussy too! Anna can’t believe her luck, eagerly taking off her top to reveal her small boobs, and then pulls down her shorts to show them her round ass. Anna gives Max a blowjob while Nick fucks her doggystyle, then Max fucks her on the counter while she sucks Nick’s dick. Running quickly to the room Max and Nick have rented, the sexy teens have an epic threesome that sees Max and Nick take full advantage of Anna’s small stature by picking her up and fucking her in midair! Thankful for the bellyful of food at the pussyfull of cock, Anna sucks their dicks until they both cum all over her face.