FisterTwister – Brittany & Rachel

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Big boobed brunette Rachel really wants to be in control in todays Fister Twister scene. She takes on pretty blonde Brittany who is this weeks challenger! She bends Brittany over almost straight away and starts to finger her tight ass before making Brittany suck her own ass juices from her finger. She pulls apart her ass with both hands to try and gape it as far as she can. Using some red kitchen tongs, Rachel slides them into Brittany’s ass and stretches apart. Each sex toy she uses stretches it that little bit further to make her lesbian fisting so much easier. Next up is a big black monster dildo which she makes Brittany suck first, holding it down against her pussy like a strap on. Rachel ass fucks Brittany with the dildo, then makes her suck it again once it has penetrated her ass! Finally, Rachel thinks it is time for Brittany to experience a lesbian fist fuck, so slides her hand into Brittany’s ass until her whole hand is right up inside! She pulls it out and gapes Brittany’s ass even wider then goes back in for some more fisting action! Brittany loves to lick Rachel’s hand and arm like a naughty girl should and proves that her ass is more than capable of some lesbian fisting!